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Nick Malekos

Nick Malekos

Nick Malekos is a rounded digital marketing who fell in love with content marketing & SEO. As a senior marketer in LearnWorlds, he has implemented multiple projects ranging from PPC to Lead Generation and created both live and self-paced workshops for a wide audience. Nick loves to create practical processes and great reporting, as is the foundation of a results-based marketer and can scale operations.

27 Ways to Repurpose Content

27 ways to repurpose content.

Repurposing content is a great way to scale up your content marketing strategy. By reusing content you save time, effort, and money while producing consistent content across channels. Here are 27 ideas to reuse your content in other formats: Website…

What is the Dark Funnel and How to Measure It

What is the dark funnel and how to measure the results of it.

The dark funnel is the scary place where attribution and buyer journeys fail. Many marketers either ignore or misattribute the dark funnel. But, with the ever-increasing threats to digital marketing attribution, we need to better understand the hidden side of…