Business Tools I Use

Building the Marketing Experts Hub I chose the best software and products in the market in order to build a fast, high-performing website.

Here is a list of tools I currently use, and will be expanded as I test and add new tools to my marketing stack.

Disclaimer: Some of the links below may be affiliate links and any purchase you make will earn me a commission of the sale. These software & tools are in the list because I truly believe to the top of the market and use them for this website.

Web Hosting

✔ WPX is what I am using for hosting, and I truly fell in love with the speed of the servers. I chose WPX as the services Matt Diggity suggested, and have not regreted it since then. While a bit more expensive, if you are building a serious SEO-focused website, you need good hosting to pass Google’s web vitals test, and WPX delivers that.

✔ WordPress is the platform this website is built on. I have tried Joomla, Shopify, Wix, and many more sitebuilders, but WordPress gives me the flexibility & plugins to make my dream website a reality.

WordPress Themes & Plugins

✔ Elementor solved my web-design problems and I have never looked back. I used Elementor because I wanted a better TOC, but since then I am using their forms, page creation, and templates. I am a terrible designer, but Elementor elevates my mediocre skills to decent webpages!

✔ W3 Total Cache speed and site optimization are essential if you are competing on SEO and CRO. W3 Total Cache does my work on speed optimization and improvements. It has taken my web vitals from 80/100 to 100/100 on desktop and greatly improved the mobile speed of my website just by installing and tingering with it’s settings! P.S. A premium version comes with WPX hosting 😉

✔ Yoast SEO I have been using Yoast for over 5 years for my main job and the plugin has helped me rank one of the top websites in our industry with sitemaps and whatever else I need. It’s a top class plugin for SEO, and if you need an SEO plugin, it’s the go-to tool for many SEOs.

✔ RankMath testing RankMath side-by-side with Yoast, I haven’t decided which one is the best, but it’s truly a capable plugin and does what I need for a personal blog website. If you are looking to create sitemaps, and cover basic tech-SEO needs, it’s your tool!

✔ Matomo Analytics is my server-based analytics. If you don’t want to use Google Analytics 4, Matomo is a decent choice for smaller businesses looking for a cheap WordPress Analytics plugin. Server-based means that you dont’ even need to ask for cookie permission and is not blockable with most cookie blockers, a win-win!

✔ Stackable Blocks add on the design capabilities and allow me to easily create buttons, zones, and other design elements when writing blogs on Gutenberg. It’s a great addition to quickly create visual elements for blogs without any web dev knowledge!

✔ Wordfence Security … I don’t want to get hacked, and a security plugin is a must. Wordfence blocks bots and malicious visits almost every day (I do check the IP reports often).

Search Engine Optimazation - SEO

✔ Ahrefs my morning routine as a SaaS SEO is openning Ahrefs with my morning coffee and getting a glibse to inspire my day. It helps when you do good work and see rankings grow, or identifying potential problems quickly. Ahrefs is great at keyword exploration and finding keywords, clusters, and topics to write for.

Semrush … yes I do use both Ahrefs & Semrush for different reasons. I find the difficulty of a keyword more accurate on Semrush, so while I do my initial research on Ahrefs, I end up with using Semrush to evaluate whether I will write about it or not (along with other methods of course).

✔ Clearscope is a premium SEO-guided content optimizer. If SurferSEO is the Audi, Clearscope is the Porche equivalent of a tool, and truly worth the additional price for better SEO results!

Graphic Design


✔ Canva is a miracle in design. While I can’t fully edit an image, I create my graphics, cover images, and even get premium stock photo from Canva premium. For the price, it’s a steal to use high-quality, premium, stock photos!

 Asana is my task-management software, I keep track of my tasks, projects, and collaborator’s tasks both at my main job and Marketing Experts Hub. Asana’s board view is my preferred way to prioritize tasks.

✔ Google Docs / Sheets is where most of my work is taking place. I use spreadsheets to plan my content calendar, decide which topics to write, and keep a posting schedule for LinkedIn. I use Google Docs to write all my articles, ideas, and posts.