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Find all the country tier 1 lists in this article. The image is a cover depicting the globe and having the title "tier 1 countries" with an orange background.

Tier 1 Countries

When budgeting for ad campaigns for international businesses, advertisers tend to prioritize their spending to Tier 1 countries. These are the most valuable countries due to their high purchasing power, and similar characteristics. By advertising to high-tier countries, you are paying more per click but expect to also earn more

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Find all the country tier 3 lists in this article. The image is a cover depicting the globe and having the title "tier 3 countries" with an orange background.

Tier 3 Countries

Tier 3 countries in advertising are the least desirable, and are mostly developing economies with citizens that have limited or no disposable income. These are countries usually avoided by international advertisers. While the costs to advertise to these countries are low, conversion rates are abysmal. You can copy the complete

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Find all the country tier 2 lists in this article. The image is a cover depicting the globe and having the title "tier 2 countries" with an orange background.

Tier 2 Countries

Tier 2 countries in advertisingg are good economies with average salaries and disposable incomes. They are less desirable than Tier 1 but come with lower CPC & CPA costs. If you want a full list of all country tiers or tier 1 countries, you can find them in the articles

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A cover image of what is parasite seo.

What is Parasite SEO?

Parasite SEO is the strategic placement of articles or pages on websites with high authority with the purpose of ranking high in Google Search Results (SERPs). With parasite SEO you are leveraging the high authority of your “host” domain to hitch a ride into Google’s top results. How to Get

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fighter brands

Fighter Brands: A Strategic Marketing Move for Market Domination

What is a fighter brand, and why is it so effective to stifle competition? You have either stumbled upon another marketing jargon or you might be thinking of utilizing this strategy to dominate, and you are looking to learn about them. Fighter brands might look like the underdogs in the

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mental health in marketing professions

Stress & Mental Health in Marketing Professions

Mentalhealth is a serious issue we don’t talk enough … It seems our work as marketers is becoming more stressful. Lately, I keep reading a lot more about mental issues, and hear a lot of colleagues and friends who are struggling with stress. While the time of Covid was pretty stressful for everyone, a combination

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How to connect GSC with GA4 in 5 steps guide.

How to Connect Google Search Console to GA4

Google Analytics 4 is equal parts annoying and useful. While it’s great for ecommerce, it doesn’t really address more use cases like SaaS marketing needs. However, it can be customized, and seems like the purpose is to become a more customizable solution for more use cases in the future. One

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The barbie movie marketing phenomenon and it's SEO value.

The Barbie Phenomenon: What is the SEO Value of the Campaign?

What is the SEO value of the Barbie campaign? Semrush released the numbers of the “Barbie Phenomenon” on LinkedIn a few days ago. Social Media The marketing campaign for Barbie the Movie have generated a lot of social media buzz. For Instagram: For Facebook: +182.6% engagement +14.576 more followers For

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Country tiers are a way to group countries by their economic power.

Country tier list for Advertising: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3

When budgeting for ad campaigns for international businesses, advertisers tend to prioritize their spending to Tier 1 & Tier 2 countries, even if Cost Per Click (CPC) is higher there. These countries are the most valuable to these advertisers due to their high purchasing power, and similar characteristics. By advertising

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AI powered content generator, outreach, and personal branding with Taplio, a complete Review.

Taplio Review: Automating Your LinkedIn Personal Brand with AI

Taplio is an AI-powered LinkedIn post scheduler and analytics tool designed to streamline your LinkedIn strategy and help you shine on the platform without the usual hassle.  Try Taplio It offers a variety of features to help you automate your LinkedIn efforts to grow a personal brand or reach out

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regex for seo

5 Regex for SEO: A Guide for Non-Tech SEOs to Copy

Regular expressions are a game-changer for SEOs who know how to use them. Recently, I have started using them more with the help of ChatGPT. This article is a guide for non-technical SEOs to up their game with a combination of Regex templates and using AI. The Fastest WordPress Hosting

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Introducing the frappe seo method!

How I grew my traffic by 230% in 6 months

How I grew our traffic by 230% in less than 6 months? Let me introduce to you the Frappe method! ☕ All it took was showing up every day at a local beach-side cafe and ordering my usual Frappe coffee, with full milk, and 2 spoons of sugar. Now that

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How much do backlinks cost? Showing an illustration of someone purchasing links for their website.

How much do backlinks cost in 2023?

On average, backlinks cost over $300 each in 2023, and I do expect this to increase due to inflation. While there is no single price you “should pay” for a link, you should expect a medium quality link from a website of DR50-70 to cost around $300.  The reality however

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What is dark marketing?

What is Dark Marketing? The Good, The Bad, and How to Identify It

Have you ever seen an ad that seems highly targeted or incredibly personalized? That might be a case of dark marketing or dark advertising. Dark marketing is not so new. With big data solutions, personal information is being collected by advertisers to be used in very creative ways.  Hyper-personalized ads

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A complete review of Whitepress for content adn link-building services.

Whitepress Content Marketing & Link-building Platform Review

Those who are involved in Link Building and Outreach will surely have come across the following scenario many times. 1. A member of the Outreach Team contacts the Publisher in question with the intention of publishing an article there for Link Acquisition purposes. 2. No response at first contact or

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Here are the 7 best wrike alternatives to choose for project management software.

7 Best Wrike Alternatives for Project Management

You might be considering switching from Wrike or deciding which project management tool is the best choice for you.  In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the top Wrike alternatives to help you make an informed decision and choose the right tool for your needs! Is Wrike the

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