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Taplio Review: Automating Your LinkedIn Personal Brand with AI

AI powered content generator, outreach, and personal branding with Taplio, a complete Review.
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Table of Contents

Taplio is an AI-powered LinkedIn post scheduler and analytics tool designed to streamline your LinkedIn strategy and help you shine on the platform without the usual hassle. 

It offers a variety of features to help you automate your LinkedIn efforts to grow a personal brand or reach out to leads, such as:

  • Content Inspiration & Research
  • Post Scheduling
  • Find Viral Posts/News
  • Automatically Comment and Reply
  • Automate Sending Personal Messages

Taplio helps you schedule your posts, build new relationships and monitor all your results.

For this review I spent a week testing its trial version at the Standard Plan. I explored several of its features and created a guide for them 

Taplio helped me create posts, find people to network, and do industry research.

What is Taplio?

Taplio is an AI-powered LinkedIn assistant and automation tool. It helps you identify viral and popular posts, write LinkedIn content, and then analyse the results.

If you are looking for a LinkedIn AI post generator, you are in the right place.

How Taplio shows statistics and most engaged posts from LinkedIn.

Here are some great use-cases I have found while using Taplio:

Table of content with use cases:

Grow your network on LinkedIn

Find Viral News on LinkedIn

Post Commentary in the top Industry News

Find Influencers in your Niche

Engage with Leads & Prospects

So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned LinkedIn user, Taplio can help you take your personal brand to the next level or help you reach out to more leads to grow your business.

Taplio is even more powerful when combined with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator.

Benefits of Using Taplio

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for professionals to connect, network, and build their personal brands. 

However, it can be time-consuming and challenging to create engaging content, build relationships, and track your performance.

By using Taplio, you can automate most of the process and:

  • Save time
  • Increase engagement
  • Track your progress
View your post analytics on LInkedIn using Taplio's extention


After using Taplio for a while, I find it to be easy-to-use, even if it needs some getting used to and learning how to use its filter.

Here are the strongest advantages when using Taplio:

  • Easy to use
  • Analytics at a glance
  • Auto-suggestions of popular topics
  • AI generated posts, comments, replies, and more!


Unfortunately, it also has some points where it can be improved:

  • UI has some flaws and can be improved
  • High cost for smaller creators
  • No hashtag research & management


There are also several limitations I have come across in my short time of using it. You need to be aware of these before joining:

  • It only gets the first week of data, more data is collected as you use it.
  • You can’t import people from search, you need Sales Navigator for it.
  • You cannot automatically invite people to connect.

Review of Taplio’s Pricing

Taplio comes with 3 plans and 1 week of trial.

The Starter plan offers the main functionalities of a great LinkedIn scheduler and analytics.

The Standard plan is where the AI-powered features come into play, with the ability to write ai-generated posts and great hooks for your LinkedIn posts. It also unlocks the relationship builder where you can create lists of people to send personalised DMs.

The Pro plan is for advanced users and larger accounts who are looking to write more posts and use it for lead generation. It allows you for more auto-DMs and more credits on GPT-4 for content creation.

Taplio's pricing table from the starter, standard, and pro plans.

Taplio also offers team management features, where multiple company accounts can be grouped together for a discount:

  • 2+ team members -> get 10% discount
  • 11+ team members -> get 15% discount
  • 51+ team members -> get 20% discount

How to Use Taplio: 5 Use Cases for Brand Building & Lead Generation

Whether you are a content creator, sales person, or looking to build your own professional LinkedIn brand, Taplio is the social media management tool you need to write better LinkedIn content.

Taplio’s AI assistant allows for many different uses, and the software has a huge potential for growth. 

Below, I will be guiding you to the best use cases and guide you through how to use each one.

Grow your network on LinkedIn

For LinkedIn creators, creating content might be a hustle. Taplio is an all-in-one tool and LinkedIn chrome extension to help you get inspired and grow your personal network.

Here is how:

Create Great LinkedIn posts with AI

You can easily create content using artificial intelligence. In this case, I had the idea to write something about cross-departmental collaboration. I gave the topic to Taplio’s post generator and asked it to write 2 variations with GPT-4.

Taplio post generator for LinkedIn

You can also let it suggest topics based on your profile and interests. You will never run out of fresh ideas this way 🙂

Then, you will get variations of the content. I really loved the hook “Shattering silos, one department at a time”.

AI generated content on Taplio

Of course, the post needed some improvements, emojis, and I ended up using the second post with the first one’s hook.

ALWAYS, edit AI-generated content. While this makes our work as content creators easier, without adding your own personal touch, the content is a generic faceless post.

Then, after editing the post, you can add it to the posting Queue.

There are a few interesting options there, like adding a first comment after the post is live (auto-plug), or DMing anyone commenting on the post (you need to be connected with them).

Search filtering options on taplio

Auto-DM is a great idea. When I was posting my viral post for the link exchange template, I did not expect how much work would be sending it privately to every single one of the commenters. This feature would have helped a lot back then!

Unfortunately, the AI text it generated does not come with hashtags & emojis.

Find People to Follow

Taplio has some nice ways to find and make lists of people to follow. You can create lists of people who liked or commented on a post, or search for niche keywords using t he “Search Mode”

You can make lists of people in different niches to follow, and then manually reach out to connect with them.

Find Viral News on LinkedIn

One awesome use of Taplio for marketers is to search for viral posts on LinkedIn based on keywords and different filter criteria.

This is a great feature to find viral news and you can decide whether to copy or engage with them.

Here is how it’s done:

Search for your topic

Use your niche industry keywords to search for posts. I used SEO, and Taplio suggested keywords like “organic ranking”, “moz”, and “google algorithm”.

Taplio’s post library has more than 4 million posts they can search to find inspiration!

Search for viral linkedin posts on taplio

P.S.: You can click to see the profile of the person who posted it.

Tip: Don’t expect 50+ likes for your post if someone with x10 times your audience posted the same post. While looking for viral linkedin posts, look for who is writing those as well.

Save or Generate Variations

You can then choose one of the following options for the posts:

  • Copy / Paste
  • Hide
  • Translate
  • Generate variations
  • Save to collection, or
  • Report

3jfZqBx ve YfOt758KiwPPTnteKXQYVMW0V5aqDG 6DIHafxs3AGeGrwfLl3YidJkbrctxjqbwl6xjR1EDVtHMQnKZn0M DKI60GOZJU7HzHUMB1d4jJ6pbIS8vPsHrU8WiUREtFQkUVnLa4vrgcN4

Use the filters to find more relevant topics

You can also use filters to choose the minimum likes or when the post was published as well.

Here are the available filters:

  • Minimum likes
  • Published at least X days (min)
  • Published at most X days (max)
  • Filter out:
    • Hashtags
    • Carousels
    • Tweets
Advanced filters on Taplio search for posts

Post Commentary in the top Industry News

Another way to use Taplio is to search for industry related news. For SEO, one of the major updates right now is WordPress releasing an update for LCP Performance. 

Step 1: Choose News

Taplio already suggested a few relevant news and how to mention them and generated some quick posts.

Top industry news with Taplio search

Step 2: Choose Action: Agree, Disagree, or Edit & Post

Then, choose whether you agree, disagree, or want to edit the post. They will be using GPT-4 to write a relevant post, ready for scheduling to LinkedIn.

Step 3: Taplio generates a post for you

The generated post is not bad, Taplio had a post ready for me in a few seconds.

AI generated news content with Taplio on LinkedIn

It’s unfortunate that Taplio does not also add hashtags and emojis to the posts.

Step 4: Edit the content

Of course, like any AI-content, it really needs some quick edits by me before posting. Never post content before you review it, it can easily backfire.

Step 5: Schedule the post

Then, you have the option to post it immediately, or schedule it for later.

This feature comes in handy.

Post scheduler for LinkedIn with Taplio

You can see in this screenshot, there are small UI fails, but I trust that the Taplio team will improve it as it goes on!

Find Influencers in your Niche

Another great use for Taplio is finding Influencers. This is a Digital Marketing paradise. Imagine finding people with a big online presence and their best performing and engaging posts.

Using the filters for likes, you can find influencers in your niche. Try searching for people with more than 100 likes or even 1k likes on their posts.

Finding LinkedIn influencers on Taplio

You can also click on their image, and then their name tag.

taplio influencers

In this case, Justing Oberman has more than 30k followers on LinkedIn. You can easily find a lot of influencer LinkedIn accounts for sponsorships or collaboration this way.

Screenshot of Justing Oberman's LinkedIn profile.

P.S.: Be sure to look into all metrics, both followers and engagement metrics matter. Taplio stats is a great feature for that, when you use its Chrome plugin, you can see the top performing recent posts of other people as well.

Engage with Leads & Prospects

You can automatically send DMs to people in your network (only). Unfortunately, this feature cannot send connection requests.

Using the Sales Navigator

Taplio is more powerful when used in combination with the Sales Navigator. You can use it to create lists from the Sales Navigator Search where you can automatically send personalized DMs.

Bulk add from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Taplio

Unfortunately, it can’t import from a normal search with parameters.

Or bulk importing people who liked or replied to a post

You can also find people who interacted with one of your posts, or a post of someone else and create a list of those.

WHmpotJ yTVjS 6SzUk dEyaYTj21lfZCXt0Up sp blVZ8v Dv8RzktKmWInPAMO1ooolOhm7z n

Get a list o people

You can then export the list, find their email, or create an outreach campaign.

Taplio provides their:

  • Name
  • Username
  • Email
  • Icebreaker
  • Company
  • Position
  • Followers
Looking for people in Taplio and filtering options

Filter the contacts

Filters are always great, and Taplio allows for filters in every column.

I do prefer to filter based on position though. As my topic is marketing, I would filter that their position is Marketing, SEO, CMO, or equivalent.

Create a personalised message

When creating an outreach campaign, it using again ai-generated content to create ice-breakers and a summary of the person.

It also offers a report of past interactions.

Taplio AI generated ice breakers for Cold Outreach

Taplio Review Verdict

Taplio is a great social media marketing tool for growing a personal brand or for cold outreach to leads.

The combination of AI features and post scheduling for LinkedIn is quite powerful, and can save time to busy professionals looking for LinkedIn growth.

It’s ideal for bigger LinkedIn creators with little time to manage their account, and busy sales SDRs.

It’s not ideal for newer creators just starting out on LinkedIn, but if you are looking for content inspiration and have the budget for it, it can be a game-changer.

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