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12 Innovative Luxury Real Estate Marketing Ideas

luxury real estate ideas

The luxury market in real estate targets a whole different market than traditional real estate. High-net-worth individuals take good care to choose real estate brands positioned to specifically cater to their specific needs. This means both your online presence and in-person, has to resonate with their luxury lifestyle expectations. The same goes with luxury listings…

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Guide: How to Deal with a Google Core Algorithm Update

How to deal with the Google Core Algorithm Update for SEOs. A step-by-step guide.

Google’s neweste update is going to be massive, read their announcement here, and as usually, SEOs of all industries and sizes are going to freak out. Avoid the tsunami of misinformation, let’s go down some more practical advice on how to deal with a Google Core Algorithm Update. Here is a step-by-step guide on how…

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What is Attraction Marketing?

The cover image of "What is attraction marketing" showing a human stick figure holding a magnet towards the title.

Attraction marketing is a modern marketing strategy that emphasizes building connections with potential customers by offering value and engaging content before promoting a product or service.  It revolves around attracting prospects through compelling storytelling, personal branding, and showcasing the benefits of a product in a way that resonates emotionally. A fresh but proven approach, it…

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How to Plan A Recession Marketing Strategy?


Earlier this year, I started studying about recession-proof marketing strategies, and what has historically worked over the years. My plan was to write a complete guide on the topic. The topic was bigger than I initially thought and didn’t end up finishing the guide. Luckily, I did not need to worry about a recession in…

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Tier 1 Countries

Find all the country tier 1 lists in this article. The image is a cover depicting the globe and having the title "tier 1 countries" with an orange background.

When budgeting for ad campaigns for international businesses, advertisers tend to prioritize their spending to Tier 1 countries. These are the most valuable countries due to their high purchasing power, and similar characteristics. By advertising to high-tier countries, you are paying more per click but expect to also earn more back, compared to tier 2…

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Tier 3 Countries

Find all the country tier 3 lists in this article. The image is a cover depicting the globe and having the title "tier 3 countries" with an orange background.

Tier 3 countries in advertising are the least desirable, and are mostly developing economies with citizens that have limited or no disposable income. These are countries usually avoided by international advertisers. While the costs to advertise to these countries are low, conversion rates are abysmal. You can copy the complete list of the tier 3…

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