Stress & Mental Health in Marketing Professions

mental health in marketing professions

Mentalhealth is a serious issue we don’t talk enough … It seems our work as marketers is becoming more stressful. Lately, I keep reading a lot more about mental issues, and hear a lot of colleagues and friends who are struggling with stress. While the time of Covid was pretty stressful for everyone, a combination of factors seems to be…

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How to Connect Google Search Console to GA4

How to connect GSC with GA4 in 5 steps guide.

Google Analytics 4 is equal parts annoying and useful. While it’s great for ecommerce, it doesn’t really address more use cases like SaaS marketing needs. However, it can be customized, and seems like the purpose is to become a more customizable solution for more use cases in the future. One of it’s “hidden treasures” is…

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