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12 Innovative Luxury Real Estate Marketing Ideas

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The luxury market in real estate targets a whole different market than traditional real estate. High-net-worth individuals take good care to choose real estate brands positioned to specifically cater to their specific needs.

This means both your online presence and in-person, has to resonate with their luxury lifestyle expectations.

The same goes with luxury listings on the website, social media platforms, and other marketing campaigns.

New Technologies in Proptech

High-valued buyers are more likely to use proptech (property technology) when buying or selling real estate.

By utilizing proptech, you can attract high-quality buyers buying state-of-the-art real estate.

Below are a few proptech ideas for luxury real estate.

Virutal Reality (VR) Tours: Using proptech platforms to showcase new developments is a great idea to showcase new high-valued properties still in development, and to sell real estate with virtual tours.

Promoting Smart Home Automation: Showcasing modern real estate opportunities should include the automation and smart capabilities of the property.

Blockchain-based Property Transactions: Including blockchain technology in the process might impress some new money buyers who made their fortunes on crypto investments.


Source: Medium / Matthew Dixon

Social Media

High-end real estate is a lifestyle choice for many. Luxury real estate agents need to utilize social media to showcase the brand.

A few social media ideas for modern luxury real estate agents below

Investing in high-end visuals: Consider hiring a professional videographer & editor, it will make a huge difference. Adding a drone view, VR tour, or high-end images is important.

Models in locations: Use models in your photography sessions to showcase the houses. Consider bikini models in pools, or a well-dressed family using the facilities. Consider your target demographics and try to find models that match their expectations.

Real Estate Agents as Lifestyle Influencers: Work with your agents to be included in your marketingg efforts by becoming micro-influencers in their niche. Producing videos talking about real estate opportunities, investments, and positioning themselves as someone to follow in the luxury real estate niche will attract high valued clients.

New age social media: Keep an active social media account in any platform you are using ads. But, consider focusing on video-first platforms like TikTok and YouTube and visual platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn for business audiences. Influencers tend to use the latest platforms and those they have the highest engagement, and they love to buy from a high-profile brand operating on their level in social media.

Website & SEO

While many high-worth individuals will outsource their research to others, those will surely use search engines to shortlist agencies. Consider a strong website presence and optimize for SEO.

Visual Brand: Luxury home buyers will not choose your agency if your visual identity does not much their high-end property expectations. Consider your brand positioning in your real estate marketing strategy.

Thought leadership: Consider blogging for thought-leadership. A great thought leadership blog for example in the Cypriot luxury real-estate market is M.Residence, writing weekly posts on real estate developments.

Search Engine Optimization & Digital PR: SEO nowadays goes hand-in-hand with brand, consider your positioning and niche, and produce content luxury buyers or their staff will look for. Focus your website content there, and work to attract links from luxury brands and publications.

Traditional Marketing Ideas

Some “old money” and very affluent buyers prefer to avoid digital distractions and prefer more traditional publications. Advertise your luxury properties in the right spots, whether it’s digital or traditional media to attract the right potential buyers.

Print luxury real estate marketing: Many affluent buyers still buy physical copies of specialized magazines and go through their mail. If you are targeting international buyers, consider print media with international reach and high prestige.

Newspapers and magazines: Consider press releases in popular newspapers and interviews in magazines covering luxury, wealth, and investments. Discuss how your real estate business works or position your property listings as investment opportunities. The New York Times, Forbes, or the Wall Street Journal are ideal targets for that.

Direct mail: While it looks like an outdated way to sell luxury homes, high-end buyers tend to group together in specific geographical areas, making them easy to target with direct mail practises. While it’s rare for them to open promotional direct mail, a smart strategy like a premium invitation to an open house, networking event, or targeted mail may work.

Digital Marketing is the Future for the Real Estate Industry

Realtors who want to keep with current trends in the luxury home marketing scene need to be well-informed and digital-first to succeed.

An online presence and a marketing plan including influencers, digital partnerships, and proptech is how you will be seen as the leader in your marekt.

Don’t be afraid to break from the restraints of a legacy industry and follow online market trends or utilize tactics from other industries like content marketing, stories on social, and influencer marketing to attract high-end clients.

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