What is Canva Docs? The New Document Editor and Productivity Suite

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Canva has just introduced Canva Docs, an office document suite that is focused on design and will enable users to create beautiful, rich documents. This is a direct competitor to Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

Modern Office Productivity Software

Canva Docs is another productivity tool suite that combines rich text, media, and data visualization in document creation.

This adds to a full productivity suite including:

  • Whiteboards
  • Presentations
  • Video editor
An image of Canva's offerings not including the canva docs yet.


As Canva Docs are not released yet, we get an idea from the Canva Create presentation on what to expect in terms of features:

  • Supports multimedia
  • Collaborate work on documents
  • Embeddable video, data visualizations (Flourish App), and Canva Presentations
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Cross-functionality with other Canva tools including premium designs and images
  • Docs into presentations
  • Share publicly
  • View and engagement reports

Canva Docs Wait List

The product is not yet released but you can join the beta access waitlist. Are you also excited about this?

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