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27 Ways to Repurpose Content

27 ways to repurpose content.
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Repurposing content is a great way to scale up your content marketing strategy. By reusing content you save time, effort, and money while producing consistent content across channels.

Here are 27 ideas to reuse your content in other formats:

27 ideas for reusable content types.

Website / Blog Content

Landing Page

Repurposing your lead magnet’s content to create their landing page or using niche blog posts that convert traffic into highly converting landing pages is always a good idea!

Blog post

Almost any kind of content can be repurposed into a blog post. Break down your ebooks into multiple blog posts, promote your infographics, and white papers as opinionated blog posts, and more.

Series / How to

Why have one blog post when you can have many? Long pieces of content like books, studies, and internal guides can be redone into a series of blog posts.


Reviewing the analytics of your blog, help center, internal communications with customers and organic traffic can give you insights into the Frequently Asked Questions of your customers. Repurpose those into reusable FAQs you can share by email, on the website, or on blogs.


External or internal reviews of your customers can be repurposed into other forms of marketing content. You can create a landing page, ebook, pdf, or email with public reviews of your company.


Opinionated pieces of content, webinars, and other thought leadership pieces can be reused for ads, quoted on press releases, etc. Don’t let insightful quotes go to waste by being used only once!


Similar to quotes, content excerpts with insightful information can be reused across your website and collateral.

Support Article

Many companies miss the opportunity to fully utilize their Help Center. Support articles provide great information you can reuse on the website, internal communications, and marketing collateral!

Design & Visualization


Most data-driven content (and not only) can be reworked into infographics. If you have a design team, a software like Canva or Visme, or can outsource this, making blog posts into mini-infographics for social or big ones to share with other websites is a great way to attract attention and backlinks!

Data Visualization

Your internal data, surveys, product insights, and more can be visualized in various graphs. Add the touch of an expert designer and this becomes a linkable asset or a viral post.


Structures and processes can also be visualized into valuable content. Share valuable content with your audience in the form of diagrams. Help them understand or solve a problem, and you will win your audience’s attention.

Lead Magnets

Any useful piece of content can be repurposed into a lead magnet. Solve a problem, share hard-to-collect information or insights and you got yourself a lead magnet.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Template
  • Ebook
  • White Paper
  • Case studies
  • Checklist
  • Testimonial
  • Worksheet



Repurpose your most popular content into a webinar. If people want to read about a topic, they would also be interested in an expert-led conversation and the opportunity to ask their questions live.

Short Video

Break down huge guides or long blog posts into short videos. Those can be used throughout your website to enrich your content, shared on social channels for increased engagement, or be the start of your YouTube or TikTok channels.

Explainer Video

Make a how-to piece of content into an explainer video. Animate hard concepts and visualize the most difficult topics. Alternatively, record your screen as you go through showing how to use software, and create templates or sheets.

Complex Forms


An online course is more than simple content reuse, as it will include video, text, quizzes, and instructor interaction. Repurpose your text & videos into an online course to add more revenue or create the ultimate lead capture for your business.


SaaS businesses can re-use content in in-app notifications, wizards, and guides of the software to quickly onboard customers. No need to rediscover what is already working. The best way for your users to get the most out of the software is while they use it. Reuse those short videos or how-to guides to the max.


These ideas require software or a developer to be implemented.


Reuse graphs, statistics, and insights into calculators to help your audience get the most out of your content in an easy way.


Quizzes are very engaging lead captures and can be connected to your content, products, and services. Collect leads by reusing your content into quizzes and embedding it inside your most popular pages or on marketing campaigns. 

Mini software

Small applets with limited but free functionality tend to be huge traffic destinations. People who are not interested in paying money for software look for smaller free solutions. If you can make a simple solution and offer it for free, people will come to use it.


In case you have a bigger project that would not fit into your website, but can be a brand of its own, you can make a microsite. A microsite, a few pages serving a very specific function can be a collection of lead captures, courses, infographics, data, or anything you can think of!

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