How to Connect Google Search Console to GA4

How to connect GSC with GA4 in 5 steps guide.
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Google Analytics 4 is equal parts annoying and useful. While it’s great for ecommerce, it doesn’t really address more use cases like SaaS marketing needs.

However, it can be customized, and seems like the purpose is to become a more customizable solution for more use cases in the future.

One of it’s “hidden treasures” is connect Google Search Console with the Google Analytics Reporting.

In this quick guide, I will show you how to connect GSC with GA4 in a few quick steps:

Step 1 – Go to the Admin Settings

Find the admin settings of Google Analytics at the bottom left of your sidebar.

You need to be an admin on your property to do this.

Find the Admin Setting of GA4.

Navigate the property column and find the product links section.

You will need to complete the process to connect it as a new web stream. Just follow the process there.

Find the GSC option under product links.

There are a few more steps to connect and authorize the acces to the Google Search Console from here.

Step 3 – The Library

You have connected the GSC already, but it does not show on your reporting yet.

You have to go to the reports side-bar and click on the Library section.

Find the library section of GA4

Step 4 – Publish

The library is home to many kinds of reports that call GA4 home. You can customize what reports are shown and what they include.

When you connect a new stream or you can create a new kind of report as you like it.

Maybe you will find your missing favourite report from Universal Analytics (GA3).

Publish the Search Console data in the reporting section of GA4.

Step 5 – View the GSC Report

A new report has appeared in your report sidebar!

Ready to see the Queries you are ranking for without logging in to the GSC?

Here is how GSC data shows on GA4 under the reporting.

You are welcome ­čÖé

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